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Arena XSight Swim Goggles

Code: 1E091 71

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Smash your best time with the help of the Arena X Sight 2 Goggles.

These essential goggles are guaranteed to improve your underwater vision, setting you on the path to superior open water swimming. Perfect for triathlons as well, this swimming accessory is destined to win you many titles.



  • UV and Anti-Fog treated
  • LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) offers a high grade, super soft feeling against the skin, providing the user with exceptional comfort.
  • This high temperature, tear resistant rubber is chemically neutral and kind to the skin, with tests concluding its ‘flex fatigue’ resistance is between 8 to 20 times stronger than conventional products.
  • Long periods of exposure to wind, rain and UV rays has virtually no effect on its physical properties, LSR is quite simply the best material used on today’s cutting-edge goggles.