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Crazy Skates Jam Pop Adjustable Roller Skates Black


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The Crazy Skaes Jam POP is a size adjustable roller skate that quickly and easily adjusts to fit 4 different shoe sizes. This allows the skates to grow with your child and saves you from having to buy new skates every time their feet grow, while also providing your boy or girl with a long-lasting pair of skates.

These adjustable skates adjust to fit growing feet through the use of a patented internal size adjustment, that gives you 4 sizes in the one skate, making these perfect for growing feet. Designed to ''stand out from the crowd' - a classic retro design with a rolled collar make these perfect for developing skaters who want the ability to skate either indoors or out, while wearing comfortable fitting skates and making a real fashion statement in the tricked out all black Jam POP! The size adjustment is inside the boot - you do not see it. Simply fold down the adjustment on the heel and twist to move the toe inside the boot - making the skate smaller or larger. The size adjustment uses micro (small) adjustments so you can find that perfect fit.



  • Size Adjustable - 4 Sizes in 1 - Perfect for growing feet! Simply twist to adjust the skate across 4 different sizes. 
  • Quality Urethane Indoor/Outdoor Wheels - will ensure a great, smooth roll with plenty of grip. Urethane wheels are superior to the cheap plastic wheels found on many lower price skates. 
  • ABEC-5 Bearings.  Chrome Full Precision Bearings. Fast and a Smooth Roll. 
  • Quality Urethane Toe Stops - perfect for quick, safe braking and stopping. 
  • A strong, yet flexible hard boot that ensures the correct stiffness and support for skaters.