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Gaiam Performance Deep Stretch Back Wheel

Code: 27-73261

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From athletes to office workers releasing tension and tightness in our backs and spinal muscles is critical to performing well each day. The Deep Stretch Back Wheel is designed to fit perfectly between the shoulder blades to release and target the muscles that align the spine. The high-density 12mm thick foam outer provides the comfort you need while you stretch. The width and curve of the wheel enables a deeply relieving ‘4-way stretch’ that will help to release tension and reduce pain whilst improving back and spinal flexibility and mobility. So if you want a better back to help you feel well and perform at your best the Deep Stretch Back Wheel is the solution you need.



  • Enhance spinal mobility & flexibility
  • Release back stiffness & tension
  • 12cm width fits between shoulder blades
  • Extra thick 12mm premium foam outer for comfort & cushioning
  • Releases & targets tight muscles aligning the spine
  • Amazing 4-way stretch
  • Includes online exercise guide