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PTP Mediband

Code: MB4

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Pilates-inspired, the MediBand represents a key piece of equipment to perform over 40 exercises that will help you build strength and tone your entire body while keeping things interesting. You can also use your MediBand to stretch, and improve your flexibility and joint range of motion/stabilisation. Extremely compact and portable, the MediBand folds easily, so it can become a great training alternative to the gym when away on holiday or for business.



  • For muscular strength, stretching and flexibility, and joint stabilisation
  • Enables multi-planar exercises, ideal for functional training purposes
  • Different tensions suitable for individuals with varying levels of fitness
  • Over 40 exercises included to target key stabilising & moving muscles
  • Safe and easy on the joints
  • Made from top quality latex to ensure smooth resistance
  • REHAB Overall mobility & injury prevention. Recommended for pre/rehab and joint function.
  • POWER Whole-body conditioning, strength and movement. Perfect to build muscles and burn fat.


Ultralight - RESISTANCE - 4.2kg | 9.5lbs - DIMENSIONS 180cm x 15cm - WEIGHT 58g

Light - RESISTANCE 5.8kg | 12.8lbs - DIMENSIONS 180cm x 15cm - WEIGHT 73g


Medium - RESISTANCE 6.5kg | 14.3lbs - DIMENSIONS 180cm x 15cm -WEIGHT 90g


Heavy - RESISTANCE 8.8kg | 19.4lbs - DIMENSIONS 180cm x 15cm - WEIGHT 116g


Ultimate - RESISTANCE 9.6kg | 21.1lbs - DIMENSIONS 180cm x 15cm - WEIGHT 139g