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Wahu Zoingo Boingo Pogo

Code: 919776.004

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Kids will have hours of bouncing fun with the Britz'n Pieces Zoingo Boingo Pogo. This super cool pogo stick features an elastic Zoingo Cord to stretch with your height and flex with all your tricks and moves. The Sure-Grip footpad provides extra traction while the tough Boingo Ball under the footpad provides long lasting high energy bouncing.

This futuristic looking pogo stick will have kids bouncing and bopping until you call them in for tea! Hop up onto the Zoingo Boingo Pogo's ball base, hold on tight to the handles then hop and bop on any smooth surface. The Britz'n'Pieces Zoingo Boingo Pogo is a great way for kids 8 years and over to practise balance and coordination while performing air spins, changes of direction and a multitude of freestyle tricks. It's important to wear some protective head gear for safety when you ride this fun-inducing pogo.



  • Contoured grip handle for comfortable control
  • Elastic Zoingo Cord to stretch with your height and flex with your moves
  • Sure-Grip footpad for added traction
  • Raised edge to rest your foot before jumping
  • Tough Boingo Ball base for high energy bouncing
  • Assembly required, includes inflation pin (air pump not included)
  • Comes in three different colours, orange, yellow and green (sold separately)



Please note: While we can't guarantee particular colour combinations for online sales, please give us a call if you looking for a particular one and we'll supply it if we can.  Otherwise a random selection will be made for you.